Exercise 3 – detail and tone

The object of this exercise is to use coloured pencil to draw and build up detail and tone.

I used white A3 cartridge paper and began by lightly sketching in the general shape of my composition – a promegranate fruit, a banana , a head of broccoli and a large  orange and a cut slice of orange. I placed my fruit on a wooden board, on the board I placed a white cloth loosely pleated and gathered around the form of the fruit. I sat level with the composition slightly to the side.

i began building up the tones  using colour – I also did some hatching and scribbling.  I found coloured pencils as a medium very challenging and unforgiving. I used a blendable artist quality set but found it difficult to control the pressure so felt that I had at times pressed too hard onto the Paper. Looking at my drawing I feel that the promegranate is very poorly drawn and lacks depth

i have used colouring pencils before but mainly for small sketches and I found for me they worked better on coloured paper.



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