Reflection on composition exercises

These are my thoughts on the composition exercises

I found the exercise really interesting and inspiring . I found it much easier to suggest three dimension form of the natural objects as the illregular shapes of the fruit and vegetables seemed easier to suggest a form as they were rounder in forms the man made objects were angular with flatter colour plains. I used tone in all my sketchbook drawings firstly sketching in the forms with a 3b pencil I then did some sketches using coloured pencils. I lit all my compositions with a lamp to create some more defined shadows.

i spend a lot of time experimenting with the positioning of my objects. I found that if I placed the objects too close together the overall look of the compostion did not flow. I also experimented with placing some of the fruit higher up ( by placing a raised book underneath the tablecloth. This seemed to work better than having them placed flat on the table. I also spend some time observing the negative spaces – I found using a viewfinder very helpful.


i felt happy with my sketchbook studies – I found using fewer objects either man made or natural worked better.

i also found using man made objects that were different in basic shape and form seemed to work better.

looking closely at my sketches I think the bright red of the metal tray worked really well with the stark white of the bowl. I found drawing the glass vase very challenging particularly trying to capture the reflections

i selected one of the natural object composition using coloured pencils and felt tip pens to hi light .  I mounted the finished drawing on a piece of purple paper. I do not think that the drawing is very successful – the lemon and banana lack dimension and substance .




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