Project 2 -physical and visual texture Exercise 1 – experimenting

For this exercise I gathered together 4 different objects with different surface textures

I divided my sheet of cartridge paper into four.

it each of the four sections I experimented and drew with a different medium

drawing one – a beaded material bag with embroidered detail. I used an 3b pencil to draw the texture using wiggly and curved lines to suggest the soft texture of the material and the raised texture of the embroidery

drawing two – the object is a fossil of a fish set into plaster – for this I used frottage a technique that I had never tried before I placed a light weight piece of paper over the surface of my object and using a graphite stick I carefully rubbed the graphite over the image – I then filled it some of the fine details of the fish with a pencil.

drawing three – for this drawing a stone head I used pro-marker pens to suggest the flat areas of the face and the rough texture of the hair.


Drawing four – for this drawing a wooden head I used willow charcoal I smudged and lifted areas of the charcoal off the page to suggest texture.

Assessing my drawings overall I felt that the pro- marker drawing was weak , it didn’t work well as the overall effect is very flat . The charcoal worked better but again my drawing lacks depth .

i enjoyed using frottage and really liked the effect and felt my drawing for a first attempt worked well. I really enjoyed this project and although I felt I could have done better – I do feel I have learned from it.





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