exercise 4 – monochrome

for this exercise I selected a natural object an apple cut into two placed on a man made plate.

i used blue acrylic paint which I diluted to suggest tone which I built up in layers – the darkest area was the plate as it was  matte black so I applied pure colour onto this area.  I found using acrylic using just  one colour quite a challenge and I am not sure whether my drawing really worked?

i think maybe I should have used a different medium image.jpeg


Exercise 3 -experiment with mixed media

For this project I was inspired by contemporary artist Kim Kira who has produced still life of discarded fast food cartons, and Andy Warhol’s soup paintings – but although inspired by these artists I wanted to make my drawing my own – which I feel I managed to do.image.jpeg

i started by drawing some discarded Macdonalds fast food cups and an empty chip container I drew the paper cups in my sketchbook using coloured pencils. I then photocopied the sketches in colour and cut them out. I made the chip container out of red paper. I found in a magazine a colour page spread of a food advert which I cut out and pasted on cartridge paper. I placed the cups and chip carton onto the collage background. Then I used  oil pastels  to hi light tone and to add some interest and depth to the collage foreground

i think overall my design worked quite well.

Reflection on project 4 – still life

I really enjoyed this project and found using different mediums interesting .

i found using a dipper pen was difficult as I am left handed and kept blotting and smudging my work. I found also that it took me some time to learn how to use the pen to make marks on the page. But I really enjoyed the effect on the page using dipper pen.

i have never used ink in washes before and I also found this a challenge. I am not yet confident with ink as a medium but feel I would definitely use it again.

I enjoyed  using pastels and found them fairly easy to use. Overall I feel that I have learnt a lot as well as looking at form, texture and structure I also I have started to look at different drawing mediums.





Exercise 3 – detail and tone

The object of this exercise is to use coloured pencil to draw and build up detail and tone.

I used white A3 cartridge paper and began by lightly sketching in the general shape of my composition – a promegranate fruit, a banana , a head of broccoli and a large  orange and a cut slice of orange. I placed my fruit on a wooden board, on the board I placed a white cloth loosely pleated and gathered around the form of the fruit. I sat level with the composition slightly to the side.

i began building up the tones  using colour – I also did some hatching and scribbling.  I found coloured pencils as a medium very challenging and unforgiving. I used a blendable artist quality set but found it difficult to control the pressure so felt that I had at times pressed too hard onto the Paper. Looking at my drawing I feel that the promegranate is very poorly drawn and lacks depth

i have used colouring pencils before but mainly for small sketches and I found for me they worked better on coloured paper.


Exercise 2 -detail and simple line of textured object

for this exercise I used smooth white paper and a F and B Pitt artist pen.

The object of the exercise is to produce an observational drawing of a textured object using pen. I drew the shapes and linear structure of a cut promegranate fruit using the F fine Pitt pen drawing rapidly without moving the pen of the page. I then used the B Pitt pen in the same way to build up the tonal values – I using scribbling and hatching and varied the thickness of the lines by changing the pens. I found this an enjoyable exercise and drawing this way felt very free


Exercise one- using markers or dip ink pen

For this exercise I decided to use marker pen. I used Tombrow pens and spectrum noir pens.

I started off by doing three compositional drawings in my sketchbook and trying out the colours and writing notes.

using A4 white card I recreated two of the compositions using the marker pens.

i found that my drawings seemed to be very flat as a medium although I used blendable pens the pens tended to bleed into each other. Although the colours were fairly bright and vibrant t felt that they would be better suited to a graphic style of drawing – I did enjoy trying them out but feel they would be better suited as a tool  to gather quick colour studies – I have worked outdoors and feel these would be ideal when on location to gather basic colour information.


Project 2 -physical and visual texture Exercise 1 – experimenting

For this exercise I gathered together 4 different objects with different surface textures

I divided my sheet of cartridge paper into four.

it each of the four sections I experimented and drew with a different medium

drawing one – a beaded material bag with embroidered detail. I used an 3b pencil to draw the texture using wiggly and curved lines to suggest the soft texture of the material and the raised texture of the embroidery

drawing two – the object is a fossil of a fish set into plaster – for this I used frottage a technique that I had never tried before I placed a light weight piece of paper over the surface of my object and using a graphite stick I carefully rubbed the graphite over the image – I then filled it some of the fine details of the fish with a pencil.

drawing three – for this drawing a stone head I used pro-marker pens to suggest the flat areas of the face and the rough texture of the hair.


Drawing four – for this drawing a wooden head I used willow charcoal I smudged and lifted areas of the charcoal off the page to suggest texture.

Assessing my drawings overall I felt that the pro- marker drawing was weak , it didn’t work well as the overall effect is very flat . The charcoal worked better but again my drawing lacks depth .

i enjoyed using frottage and really liked the effect and felt my drawing for a first attempt worked well. I really enjoyed this project and although I felt I could have done better – I do feel I have learned from it.