Drawing one – part one

I have just finished working though part one feeling, memory and imagination. The course has so far been interesting and inspiring – I now realise that the course has a lot to offer me – despite drawing for years I have never really taken a structured approach to drawing skills and certainly lacked  any of the basic skills such as using my chosen drawing medium to suggest tone. It was a challenge and some of the exercises I did worked fairly well others did not. However the course allowed me plenty of scope. I have revisited some of my art books such as ” Henry Moore’s sheep sketchbook ,etc I found some of the reading list useful particularly ‘Experimental drawing ‘ and ‘the artists handbook of materials and techniques  ‘ I have found myself reflecting more and looking more.

I feel excited by what the rest of the course has to offer. I found blogging a massive challenge and at times found myself going around in circles as I would add something and then later on be unable to retrieve it – I now save  everything in draft form as I go along.

I do feel that I have made progress and have managed to fill the criteria within the course structure.


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