Assignment one – a personal still life


The instructions for assignment one is to produce a personal still life choosing a few objects  that have some interest and say something about me as a person.

after much thought I choose the following objects

  • a small dark brown pottery hedgehog that I made when I was 11 it is the only piece of clay pottery that I have even made – I shaped with my hands and hand painted it so and it brings back very happy memories of the art room at school which was in a draughty wooden out building.
  • a glass vase containing faux flowering magnolia branches. I love nature and trees and always look out for when the magnolia blossoms in early spring as to me this signals the end of winter and of symbolises a time of  new growth in the garden.On the way to work I spotted the faux magnolia flower arrangement in the shop opposite  and brought it – so I now have spring in the house all year around
  • A  tatty small pink pig cloth toy. This toy used to belong to Star our family pug Jack Russell cross dog. Star became part of the family when she was just 10 weeks old. The pink pig was her favourite toy. Sadly star died suddenly aged just 16 months  and left an empty void – so this little  pig brings back many happy memories of an  adored little dog.
  • white linen tablecloth – I borrowed the white linen altar cloth from my church to represent my faith which is important to me.
  • A mirror – I chose the mirror to represent me – to reflect my personality
  • I placed the white cloth onto a table bunching it up to add texture and to hi light the shadows. I experimented with different compositions until I found one I liked. I sketched my objects with pencil in my sketchbook . But for the final drawing I. Used Pitt black pens – I used a number of techniques that I had leant including cross hatching, hatching, dots , scribbling and stippling to build up tone.
  •      At the end I felt fairly pleased with some of the elements of my drawing although I. Feel my drawing of the magnolia branches is a bit sketchy  but I decided to stop as I didn’t want to over work it. I found the exercise very interesting but a challenge as I have never really done many still life’s – and I found it quite difficult to find a composition that flows. I did initially start a conte drawing but had a change of heart and decided on the Pitt pens as I felt I really wanted to explore building up my picture slowly.

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