ERIC RAVILIOUS : a life in pictures talk

Back in May I visited the Dulwich picture gallery in London. During my trip I saw an exhibition devoted to the watercolours of Eric RAVILIOUS.

On Friday 16th October at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich  the curator of the Dulwich show James Russell gave an illustrated talk on RAVILIOUS’ life.

RAVILIOUS died in war action in 1942 aged just 39. Although he had a short career he produced around 300 paintings in just 8 years

what I found interesting about this talk in relation to my studies , is that it seemed to fit in with my learning process as I have just finished  researching Odilion Redon and his use of tone. RAVILIOUS was also a very profilic print maker who also like Redon started his career by working almost exclusively in black and white. It was not until RAVILIOUS became interested in the work of English water colourists such as Turner, and Samuel Palmer that he introduced colour into his work . Also relevant to my studies ( using techniques such as hatching, and dots to suggest form and tone into my drawings)  RAVILIOUS used his paint brush as a drawing medium – he essentially draws over his watercolour washes using the paint to cross hatch , scribbling and stippling with his brush suggesting and hi lighting tone and form. I really found the talk interesting and hope it will help me as I advance on my course


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