Gallery trip 16th September 2015

on Wednesday 16th September I visited the Whitechapel art gallery. The Whitechapel is situated in a very interesting, colourful , vibrant and diverse area of London.

The main exhibition on show was the  ‘Barjeel art foundation collection imperfect chronology – mapping the contemporary 1 . The show brought together a collection of Arabic art covering the period from 1900 until 1967. I came to the show not knowing anything about Arabic art of this period. It was clear that same of the  artists were  influenced by the type of art being produced in Western Europe  this was particularly evident in a huge painting called ‘fatigued ten horses converse with nothing ( the martyrs epic) by Kadhim Hayder which  reminded me of work produced in Paris by artists from the Fauves and symbolist art movement – although Hayder’s painting  was produced  much  later in 1965.

There was an interesting range of different art types on show including some ink drawings. But to me one painting. Seemed to stir me the most –  ‘Nubian girl’ an oil portrait in profile of a young girl. It was painted C1900-1910 by Ervand Demerdijan an Turkish born Armentian artist. The portrait has a simple compostiton. I particularly liked the use of the rich but muted colours, . Demerdijan seemed to have not just captured the young woman’s physical features but he also managed to convey her shy but haughty demeanour ,

there are three further exhibitions from the Barjeel collection coming to the Whitechapel over the next two years which will  continue to explore Arabic art right up to the present day.

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Nubian Girl – Ervand Demerdijian oil painting c1900-1910

Barjeel art foundation collection
Barjeel art foundation collection – Kadhim Hayder – fatigued ten horses converse with nothing ( the martyrs epic) 1965

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