Exercise 1 Expressive lines and marks

this exercise uses lines and marks to express a feeling, using single words as a starting point.

I used 4 sheets of A1 Cartridge paper which was folded in half and then in half again. Each sheet of paper had a word written at the top – then using different drawing mediums the task is to fill each sheet with lines and marks to reflect the mood word using a different medium in each square

I started with calm , then anger then joy and on the last sheet I used a word of my own choosing –  curious.  I decided to do all my drawing in black and used graphite pencil, ink, conte pastel and charcoal. I found after reflecting on each of the words I was able to feel them and easily filled the paper with non figurative lines and marks. As I worked I jotted done a number of words that I associated with each of the words. For calm I felt relaxed so my lines seemed slow and regular I felt still and happy and peaceful. Anger I felt impulsive when making the marks and I found myself working quickly. I associated my marks with feeling hot, bold, dark, energy, impatient, anxious , and I found my lines were  more angular and I seemed to feel  not so in control of my lines. Joy was a lot easier again I found my work flowed in a slower manner  – I jotted down a few words   – relaxed, alive , vibrant , happy and light. The last emotive word I choose myself curious seemed to fit in well with the rest of the exercise – in many ways I felt a sense of control and freedom over my marks  – I experience a sense of wonder, awe and movement and I feel this was the easier emotion for me to inhabit.


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